Welcome to the 2018 North American Open

October 13-14, 2018

New York, NY

We are proud to announce a landmark Riichi tournament here in North America - the first North American Open. This tournament will stand alongside other major tournaments such as the European Riichi Mahjong Championship (ERMC) and the World Riichi Championship (WRC) as a major, regularly run, worldwide Riichi event. Join us in starting a new tradition by participating in the inaugural event this year in the heart of New York City.

The North American Open is a NARMA event, hosted in 2018 by USPML.


The Down Town Association remains an island of quiet civility in a bustling Lower Manhattan. As a locus for nourishment, entertainment, relaxation or quiet discourse, the Club has remained of and for its members since its inception in 1859.


NAO 2018 will be played October 13-14, 2018

Detailed schedule will be posted when available


Tournament Format

Stay tuned, the tournament format will be posted here as soon as it is certified by NARMA

WRC Ruleset

The North American Open will utilize the latest edition of the World Riichi Championship ruleset - the first international ruleset to be certified for competition play by authorities in Japan, Europe and the Americas. First introduced in 2014, the World Riichi Championship ruleset has been updated and improved year over year to be a definitive guide to Riichi Mahjong play. You can download a copy of the rules here:


NAO is an Open, all players are welcome to subscribe!

Tournament Entry: $145

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to qualify to enter this tournament?
A: Unlike other major tournaments, this is an Open and is designed to include as much of the North American community as possible! Register away!

Q: Are you guys bundling hotel and tournament entry just like WRC?
A: No. Registration for NAO is only for the tournament itself. There is a hotel attached to the venue that we can direct you to if you indicate your interest during registration!

Q: I've watched a lot of 80s movies and New York City seems like a pretty scary place. Is it just like 'The Warriors'?
A: Fortunately times have changed here in NYC! Modern New York City has seen record low crime rates year over year and is an extremely safe place to visit.

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